Optimum cable/conductor performance is provided by our company with access to the latest developments in conductor, insulation and protective materials technology.

Very stringent quality control checks at every stage, from raw material through manufacturing stages and finally upto the end product, ensures that the product quality is consistently maintained. These exercises are being carried out by well-qualified technical personnel.


Arrow” Industrial and Household cables/conductors  are guaranteed against any manufacturing defect or usage of substandard material for a period of one year from the date of supply.

However normal wear and tear, mal usage etc. are not covered under the guarantee.


Arrow Cables Limited is committed to achieve Customer Satisfaction by providing High Quality Products (ACSR, AAA Conductors & LT Power, Control, AB Cables) at Competitive Prices, by meeting Customer Delivery Schedules and Continually Improving the Processes.

  • Zero Defect Culture
  • Emphasis on Proper Design
  • Emphasis on Proper Manufacturing
  • Emphasis on Proper Testing
    1. Raw material
    2. In process stage wise Testing
    3. Finished good Testing
      1. Routine tests are carried out as per relevant standards on each cable length.
      2. Type tests are carried out for each LOT (One manufacturing length)
      3. Acceptance tests and Inspections can be arranged as per requirements of customers.
      4. Special tests as per customers's requirement.